Time and action based triggers!

You can now add sequences. Those are time and action based triggers. When a user completes a task, show them a new one! Or... after 5 days show them a new todo item.

Videos and pictures

You can now add vidoes and pictures in your editor. This works for todo items, resources, appointments and early onboarding pages.

Sign in with Google and magic link

Two new ways to authenticate yourself. You can authenticate with Google or with a unique long magic link. The magic link will only work for early onboarding pages.

You will have to enable both options through your dashboard.

Slack access management

You can now add and deactivate people from your Slack team with the new Slack integration. Just like you already can with the Google integration.

Onboardingbot update

Our Slack bot has gotten a major update. The following things have been changed / improved:

  • The bind command does not longer work anymore. Just use onboard @username to onboard a new hire. Onboardingbot will ask you to connect the account in ChiefOnboarding to the Slack account when this is necessary.
  • When you onboard a new hire, you will get asked what you want to add to the new hire. You can now assign items individually.
  • New hires can now ask questions to the bot. Onboardingbot will try to find something that matches best with the question that is asked (our bot just got smart(er))

Disable new hire welcome emails

From now on you can disable new hire emails by default. Please note that your new hire will NOT get their login details then. This should only be used if you solely want to use our Slack integration to onboard your new hire.

Better editing

We have added a so-called 'WYSIWYG editor' (What you see is what you get editor). You can create bold, underlined, italic text and also add links in the text itself. Next to that you can also create lists easily.

Note: we have removed the URL field from the resources. If there was a URL, then we have moved it to the actual text now.

HR Task

We have now added tasks for YOU. You can add those per new hire and you can mark those as 'done', when they are done. You will find a new icon in the menu that will lead to it.

Access management

We have now added access management to your dashboard. With this, you can create an email address for your new hire through Google Suites. You can also revoke access to G Suites from your dashboard.

Make sure you authenticate your account on the settings page first.

Custom Early Onboarding

We have improved the early onboarding section of our website. You can now change the template when you added it to the new hire. Customize it per person if needed.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely ChiefOnboarding will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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